V.S.V. – Modelação, Maquinação e Moldes, Lda., presented in 18/02/2013 an application to QREN, with the number. 33242, under the “MAIS CENTRO” – Regional Operational Programme of the Centre, under the Regulation of the Incentive Scheme for Innovation,  which was approved on 11/06/2013.

This project is necessary , to create/build a NEW PLANT, implement New/Innovative production processes and management, make improvements in current processes, increase capacity for the production of larger molds, thus also increasing its capacity production, with increased security, increases productivity and thus improving competitiveness, implementation of Quality Management System and its certification and in order to increase sales in foreign markets.

Was applied for a total investment of 973,741.98 Euros Eligible Expenses approved was 964,499.25 Euros, with a share of the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) of 626,924.50 Euros, Incentive Refundable.

The investment period of this project takes place between 18/02/2013 and 31/12/2014.

The deadline for realization of the eligible investments and expenses of the project was December 31, 2014, which period has been fulfilled.