To be a reference in the national and international market with a sustainable growth towards EXCELLENCE.


The reason of our existence is to conceive, produce and supply moulds of high quality to respond with efficiency to the needs of
our customers, with the main goal to be an important reference in the market and therefore create the path to our continuous
improvement in the direction of excellence.


To accomplish our mission and values, we bet in a politic based in the following principles:

  • Conceive, produce and supply moulds according to the needs and specifications of our customers, improving continuously the
    proposed solutions to exceed their expectations;
  • Value the participation of the relevant interesting parties, seeking to meet the needs and expectations of the collaborators,
    assuring the continuous formation of all collaborators;
  • Integrate in a continuous manner the suppliers in our system of integrated improvement so they can contribute in the
    improvement of the quality of their products and services;
  • Ensure compliance with the requisites, legislation e regulations applicable, as well the continuous improvement of the integrated
    system of improvement;
  • Promote a culture of organisation based in prevention of risks and creation of opportunities;
  • Plan, realize, evaluate and improve continuously our products, processes with the goal to obtain the excellence of VSV.


We assume as fundamental values of our organisation: the rigor and the sense of responsibility. The recognition and value the ethics and the respect of human relations, the spirit of team work, the dynamism and initiative of all collaborators, in the search of the continuous improvement of our company.